Morseville's First Settlers Edit

The Romans arrived in whats now Liguria County arrived in 76 AD, People started settling on Morseville in 1525. The first settlement which is Jamestown, Morseville is officially a community in 1528. But in 1708, Jamestown, Morseville was burnt to the ground. It have to be rebuilt. In 1711, Sander City was established. Meanwhile in 1715, Quièvrecourt was established, so did Applewood in 1770, and so did Forto in 1770.

Revolutionary War Edit

In the US Revolutionary War, Morseville took the US side during the war. 193 Soldiers from Morseville were killed and 489 other soldiers were wounded or injured. In 1778, Morseville got it's independence from Great Britain.

More Settlement Edit

In the 1800s, Snow Valley, Marcville, Tuson, Martin, Viewport, Forester and a few more communities were settled. The Population of Sander City increased to 5,030 by 1820. By 1859, Sander City only have 10,309 people living in it. People decided to explore the Viewport Mountain Range, which is 100 miles north of Forto, the capital of Morseville at the time.

A new capital Edit

In 1809, The capital of Morseville have moved to Forto, Morseville which lies right in the center of the state.

The American/Morsevillian Civil War Edit

During the Civil War, Morseville split into 2 different countries, South Morseville and North Morseville. In 1861, South Morseville became allies with the Confederate States of America, while North Morseville became allies with the Union States of America.

Morseville During The Civil War

Morseville During the American Civil War.

Yet, Forto eventually became part of Northern Morseville, the rage went on for 4 years. Forto is usually the usually the main target from Confederate South Morseville. North Morseville would usually build walls around the South border of Forto. The conflict still continues until 1870, when Morseville finally came back together. 2400 Confederate Soldiers from South Morseville are dead and 6000 others are wounded. 2350 Union Soldiers from North Morseville are dead and 6000 others are wounded.

It all started when South Carolina seceded from the Union. Then other Southern States of American also seceded like Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana. Those 6 southern states formed the Confederacy or the Confederate States of America. 

Later, Texas seceded from the Union to join the Confederacy. After the Battle of Fort Sumter, North Carolina, Virginia (Which splits the Western Part of Virginia and forms West Virginia in 1863 and becomes part of the Union), Tennessee, and Arkansas seceded from the Union and joined the Confederacy. 

The Union States of America were Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maine. In 1861, Kansas became a state and part of the Union. Yet, the states of Kentucky, Missouri, Delaware, and Maryland were border states that was loyal to the Union.

Morseville Civil War Flags Edit

2000px-US flag 34 stars.svg

North Morseville Flag during the Civil War. There are 34 stars, which represents 34 states.

The North Morseville flag had 34 stars and 13 stripes.
South Morseville Flag during the Civil War

South Morseville Flag during the Civil War. There are 13 stars, representing 13 states of South Morseville.

North Morseville's flag have 34 stars representing states and 13 stripes. North Morseville had 34 states by 1864. South Morseville's Flag have 13 stars and 3 stripes, almost similar to the Mississippi flag. South Morseville have 13 states in 1864.

Reunification of the Country Edit

By 1870, there were a total of 47 states.