Interstate 10 Shield used throughout Morseville.

Interstate 10 is a new interstate that runs through Morseville, it took over all of Interstate 2 east of Martin, causing Interstate 10 to connect Sander City and Los Angeles.

As of November 17, 2017 at 11:00 PM, the Trois Island County section of Interstate 10 has been completed except Exit 206 (Pfalzburg Road).

Exit List Edit

The incomplete list of exits on Interstate 10 in Morseville.

County Location mi km Exit Destinations Notes
Quièvrecourt Interstate 83

- Airport

Nitolia Pelagonia SR 165 Not Numbered yet
East of Pelagonia Phrygia Blvd Under construction
Tazewell Near Franzburg 204 TO US 90 - Franzburg
205 SR 43 I-10 WB-SR 43 NB Complete; under construction
Trois Island Davidson Township 206 Pfalzburg Road Under Construction
North of Martin 207 SR 710 (Mecklenburg Turnpike) WB Exit, EB Entrance
Near Valley Township & Blue Valley 208A Interstate 2 I-2 Eastern Terminus
Blue Valley 208B Jupiter Avenue
Sander City 209A-B Interstate 199 Under Construction, finished ramps open
210A-B Interstate 99 - Forester, Applewood
210C Old ABRio Street WB Entrance only
210D Interstate 10 BUS EB Entrance, WB Exit;

Under Construction

ABRio SR 12 (Coastal Highway)


Eastern Terminus

Gallery Edit

I-83 Circular Turbine Interchange

Interstate 10 & Interstate 83 Interchange as of January 6, 2018.