Interstate 99, or I-99 for short is an interstate highway that runs 1334 miles along Morseville's length. The southern terminus is in Forester, Morseville, at the southern point of the state. The terminus is the border of Canada in Snow Valley, Morseville, the most Northern City in the state.


Interstate 99 Shield across Morseville

Route Description Edit

Interstate 99 begins at US 98 at the southern coast of Forester, Morseville. Interstate 99 passes through Sander City in downtown while Interstate 199, loops to the west of Sander City. Interstate 99 was known as the Forester-Applewood Highway. Interstate 399 loops around Applewood, while Interstate 99 goes through Applewood. In Forto, Interstate 99 have no auxiliary interstates, but Morseville Route 1 goes in a concurrency. Morseville 1 goes off as the MacAurthur Skyway. In Viewport, Interstate 99 is not too hilly or doesn't curve too much compared to Morseville Route 55 and US 801. Interstate 1 goes flat all the way from Viewport to Snow Valley, which includes Jacksontown and Tuson. In Snow Valley, Interstate 99 ends at the 1334th mile at the Canadian Border.

Exit list Edit

County Location mi km Exit Designations Notes
Everglades Forester 0 0 1A U.S. Route 98 (South Shore Road) - Miami Exit unnamed northbound
0.1 0.16 1B Morseville Route 1 (East Shore Drive) - Sander City Exit 1A and 1B northbound
0.95 1.529 1C East Second Street - Downtown
1.98 3.187 2 East Third Street (SR 43 north)
3.02 4.86 3 SR 44 (East Fifth Street)
4 6.438 4 East Sixth Street (CR 1)
5.2 8.369 5 East 8th Street
6.1 9.817 6 East 9th Street (CR 2)
7.02 11.137 7 John F. Kennedy Expressway (SR 4) Signed as exits 7A (east) and 7B (west); Exit 7 on JFK Expressway
North Forester 8.02 12.907 8 Douglass Road
9.94 15.997 10
12.87 20.712 13
14.10 22.691 14
17.01 27.374 17
Wood Applewood 349.56 562.56 349 20th Avenue - Applewood Metropolitan Airport
350.05 563.35 350 Interstate 40/10th Avenue Signed as 350A (east) and 350B (west); Exit 100 on Interstate 40; Exit 350C (Northbound Only) 10th Ave.
351.02 564.91 351 Third Avenue/Main Street (CR 130) Former Morseville State Route 30

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