This is an incomplete list of numbered roads in Morseville.

Interstates Edit

Name Length Begins Ends Direction Notes
Interstate 2 MV/FL State Line Forester East-West
Interstate 4 MV/FL State Line Martin East-West
Interstate 10 MV/FL State Line Sander City East-West
Interstate 40 MV/NC State Line Alexis East-West
Interstate 50 MV/VA State Line Fort Haggenboro East-West
Interstate 80 MV/NY State Line Norton East-West
Interstate 99 1334 miles Arcsville Forester North-South

U.S. Routes Edit




Ends Direction Notes
U.S. Route 30 205 miles Ann Marcville East-West
U.S. Route 40 205 miles Jersey Island Jackson Beach East-West
U.S. Route 48 210 miles Martin Island Norton Beach East-West
U.S. Route 50 193 miles Cliffside City Fort Beach East-West
U.S. Route 60 190 miles Edison Fort Wood East-West
U.S. Route 70 197 miles Lee Wood Beach East-West
U.S. Route 80 195 miles Tuson Yearwood East-West
U.S. Route 90 200 miles Martin Sander City East-West
U.S. Route 94 204 miles Springfield Hampton Beach East-West
U.S. Route 98 200 miles Everglades Island Forester East-West
U.S. Route 801 186 miles Cape Morseville Viewport North-South

State Routes Edit

Name Length Begins Ends Direction Notes
Morseville Route 1 1333 miles Forester Arcsville North-South
Morseville Route 2 25 miles Near Olmsville Sander City East-West
Morseville Route 3 368 miles Sander City Northwood North-South
Morseville Route 12 157.53 miles Jacksville Viewport East-West
Morseville Route 30 East-West
Morseville Route 31 North-South
Morseville Route 32

(Angrybirdsrio32 Memorial Parkway)

915 miles Martin Norton Beach East-West
Morseville Route 40 Alexis East-West
Morseville Route 43 99.34 miles Forester Austin North-South
Morseville Route 44 109.5 miles Dallas Forester East-West
Morseville Route 55 93.48 miles Martin Island Norton Beach East-West
Morseville Route 56 94.84 miles Barstow Cliffside City North-South
Morseville Route 101 North-South Formerly SR A1A
Morseville Route 434

(Vestal Parkway)

Mt. Viewport Cape LeVeque Beach East-West
Morseville Route 615

(Pleasant Valley Road)

21.21 miles Applewood North Applewood North-South

County Routes Edit

Shield County Name Length Begins Ends Direction
Wood CR-130 10 miles SR 30; Pairwood W 3rd Street (SR 30), Applewood East-West

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