Morsevlle Route 1 is a state route in the state of Morseville, running from Forester to Arcsville but running for 1333 miles.


Morseville Route 1 Shield

Route Description Edit

Route 1 also begins at US 98 in Forester, Morseville. It intersects SR 2 in Sander City, and intersects Interstate 2 in Downtown Sander City.

History Edit

The freeway of what is now Interstate 99 was first constructed in 1957 and finished in 1968. In September 1968, the entire length of the highway from Forester to Arcsville was assigned SR-1.

Forester-Applewood Highway Edit

This segment of the highway was constructed in January 1957, and there were quite amount of delays south of Sander City. Finally the highway was finished in 1962.

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