Morseville Route 2 is a state highway that runs for 25.10 miles in Morseville. It connects Sander City and other cities in Southern Morseville.

Route Description Edit

In Trois Island County, SR 2 goes concurrent with SR 4 for around a mile. SR 2 heads south on Alexandria Blvd towards I-99, then it goes concurrent with SR 1 and I-99 and exits I-99 once reaching west of the unincorporated community of Winchester.


Shield of Route 2 throughout Southern Morseville

The route continues northeast ending SR 1 at Smyth Blvd in a whalebone junction.

Major Intersections Edit

The entire route is in Southeastern Morseville. This table is incomplete.

County Location mi km Destinations Notes
Western Terminus
Tazewell SR 43 South Terminus for SR 43
Trois Island Webster SR 4 (West end of SR 4 concurrency)
Alexandria SR 6 (Southwest Blvd) Eastern Terminus of SR 6
SR 4 (Southwest Blvd)

- Sander City

SR 3 (Alexandria Blvd)

'Eastern end of SR 4 concurrency.'Northern end of SR 3 concurrency
Sander City Interstate 99, SR 1, SR 3 (South end of SR 1 & SR 3 concurrencies)
Interstate 99 (Concurrent with SR 1 and Interstate 99)
SR 1 (Smyth Blvd)

- Downtown

(North end of SR 1 Concurrency)
SR 101 SR 101 North Terminus
SR 710

(Mecklenburg Turnpike) - Blue Valley

SR 710 East Terminus
SR 1 (Smyth Blvd) Eastern Terminus