Olde Alexandria (formerly Alexandria) was a civilization from the 1000s to the 1700s. It was buried in 1903, when Blue Valley separated from Sander City to prevent Ligurians from raising pitchforks.

Location Edit

Olde Alexandria was founded south of what's now Interstate 10, east of whats also now Alexandria Blvd, north of what's now the Mecklenburg Turnpike, and west of what's now called Jupiter Avenue.

History Edit

This part of Alexandria has spanned for centuries.

Romans Establishing Alexandria (1000s-1711) Edit

By around the 1000s, Alexandria was founded south of what's now Interstate 10.

British & Scottish Conquest (1711-1903) Edit

By 1711, the King of Britain and Scotland was on a conquest to find an area for Sander City. This area was once a part of Sander City until when Blue Valley was founded, 1903.

Discovery of Olde Alexandria Edit

When the Jupiter Avenue interchange was being rebuilt and a nuclear shelter was being constructed on November 18, 2017, pillars and bricks were founded. Digging continued and it turned out to be what was the Roman city-state of Alexandria.

Modern Day Edit

Now, it's claimed by the Romans.

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