Sander City or just Sander is a city found in 1721. Sander City is the second oldest city in Morseville with a population of 1,049,390 people in the city itself. It is booming with businesses, housing, forestry and tourism. It was the capital from 1995 to 2016. In February 2016, the capital moves back to Forto.

History of Sander City Edit

In 1721, Sander City was planned out and settled. In 1718, the area where Sander City is going to be built is flat, fertile, and good for timber. In 1719, King Louis The Fifteenth or just [King Louis XV] have set sail to where the area is at. In 1721, they arrived and started building Sander City. Starting with a post office, Hotel, restaurant, tavern, and even a bakery. But in 1755, Sander City was a battleground. The French gave not only Canada, but Sander City to the British. Then Morseville got it's independence in 1778. Since 1810, it remained as the most "populated city in Morseville" until this day. From 1820 to 1850, Sander City was known for mining and cotton growing. There was a war in Sander City as well in Applewood, Forto, Viewport, Tuson, Marcville, and Martin during the Civil War.

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