US Route 98 (US 98) is an east-west route United States highway that runs 200 miles from the Florida Bay to southeastern Morseville. It was established in June 2015, one month after Morseville was annexed as a U.S. State.

Route Description Edit

From Florida to Western Morseville Edit

US 98 arrives into Morseville with the Miami-Forester Bridge which spans the Florida Bay. It goes through the Morsevillian Everglades for roughly around 195 miles.

US 98

U.S. 98 in Morseville

Forester, MV Edit

Then it arrives in Forester, Morseville. It intersects SR 43, then it makes an interchange where Interstate 99 ends at. Around 1,029 feet later, US 98 ends at SR-1 (South Shore Road).

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