The ZIP Code of Morseville is so far unknown.

Zipcode Community County Description
00001 Forester Everglades
00002 Forester Everglades
00201 Sander City Trois Island Downtown, east of Downtown (except ABRio).
00202 Sander City Trois Island South, Southwest and West of Downtown including Camden Park.
00203 Sander City Trois Island Surrounding Sander-Alexandria International Airport
00204 Sander City Trois Island North & Northwest of Downtown
00205 Sander City Trois Island Between Jupiter Avenue and Township Line Road, south of Bern Street north of Netscape Industries area
00211 Alexandria Trois Island Includes the exclave
00212 Blue Valley Trois Island
00213 North Valley Trois Island
00214 Martin Trois Island
00215 Winchester Township Trois Island
00216 Martin Valley Trois Island
00217 Rest of Valley Township Trois Island Doesn't include the Alexandria city exclave.
00218 Oceanview Trois Island Separated from Sander City
00219 ABRio Trois Island
00220 Aemilianopolis Liguria
00221 Franzburg Tazewell
00222 King City Trois Island

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